$100 Dollar Show

November 30th, 2017, 6:30 PM

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Tips for Patrons

Here are some tips based on past shows:

  • Show up early! The line gets long, so the earlier you're there the more likely you'll be able to purchase that perfect piece from your favorite artist!
  • Bring cash or checks. Some artists will take card, but you never know. It's easiest just to have cash or check available for your purchase.
  • Preview the work on our instagram account. That way you'll know which artists are participating and have an idea of the work they will be featuring. @springvillemuseum

Interested Artists

If you're interested in participating in the $100 Dollar show, applications will be available on the Springville Museum of Art's Website in August and accepted artists will be notified Mid-October. Thanks for considering being a part of it!

100instagram-01Five years  ago, I was talking with Brian Kershisnik about why people don't buy art in downtown Provo and he told me about a house show he decided to do with a few other artist friends where they sold the art for $100. We talked about how cool it would be if we could do that on a bigger scale and have hoards of people waving $100 bills around, clamoring to buy original art. I kept thinking about our conversation and knew I needed to create it, so I approached Coleman Studios with the idea and the show was born. After the success of the first year, Char and Morgan Coleman became chocolate makers and I knew I needed more experience than just myself to reach the show's potential, so I signed on with the Springville Museum of Art and they've been running the show since. The show in 2016 was my last time co-hosting the event with the museum, but I hope to attend as an artist again in the future as my schedule permits. With moving out of state, I needed to focus my energy on my new environment and opportunities for my art, so I'm excited to watch it continue to grow and thrive under the museum's care!

The purpose of the show is twofold, to promote the acquisition of original art and to build up and connect the creative community in Provo. All artwork in the show sells for the slender price of $100, and some attendees have called it the "black friday of art buying."

The idea of owning original artwork may seem foreign to some and out of reach for many, especially considering that the private collection of artworks acquired by poet T.S Elliot recently sold for over $11 million at auction. I can remember the first time my husband and I purchased our first piece of original art together. It was a drawing by Brian Kershisnik that depicted a father holding a young child, while the child points repeatedly at numerous objects. The caption from the father’s mouth reads, “Choose one.” I can remember the drive home, and the conversation we had about that drawing, about how it reminds us of our young boys, of their youthfulness, energy, excitement, and how as a parent you have to set gentle boundaries. It also reminds me of how easily we can fall into the trap of wanting too much, or like the father, close our minds to the many options that may be out there, choosing to stick to the one that has worked for someone else, but isn’t right for us.

There is a thrill and excitement unlike anything else in buying and owning original, one of a kind art, and for that reason I put together the $100 show. I wanted everyone to feel the excitement of buying something unique, something handmade, and something that will grow in value, meaning and appreciation over time. The event showcases original artwork from 30 diverse, talented artists.

The second reason for the show is to help promote and connect artists. There are a lot of great things happening in Provo right now and with everything going on, it is easy to overlook the burgeoning community of artists, musicians, photographers, writers and designers who are proud to call Provo home. Provo has a lot of great things going on right now, and art is one of them. The purpose of this show is to come together as artists and as a community to celebrate the talents and good fortune that we all as residents of Provo share.

The show will open to the public at 6:30pm on November 30, but don't wait until 6 pm to get in line. Last year the line formed at 3:30 pm and I don't expect this year to be any different!

To find out which artists will be participating in the show, follow @springvillemuseum on Instagram or visit thei website www.springvillemuseum.com.

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