Creative Collaborative is an effort to strengthen our creative community. We have had the privilege of hearing from many outstanding speakers who are accomplished artists, musicians, toy makers, gallery owners, designers, restaurant owners, bloggers, photographers and more! We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm in the Provo Rec Center Multi Purpose Room, we’d love to see you there!

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About Creative Collaborative

Creative Collaborative was founded by Melanie Burk  in May 2011 with a small group of friends who were also artists, tired of doing the work all alone. They found that as they came together, they were able to help each other learn and grow. They were able to find answers to their questions, and work together to raise the quality of their art, as well as reach a greater number of clients. These artists have a deep belief that we need to focus on collaboration, not competition, and soon these meetings were born.

In August of 2012, Brittany Scott took it over and continued to build and cultivate the ideals Melanie established. Then in August 2015, Heidi Foss joined Brittany as a co-host for the group and added her event planning strengths to our meetings. In July 2016, a job opportunity in the Bay Area, California moved Brittany and her family away from Provo and figurative artist, Jenedy Paige, stepped up as a new co-host with Heidi Foss. All who have been involved in Creative Collaborative on a hosting level have a deep love for collaboration and working with other artists to build the community and they each have seen limitless opportunities in their careers arise from spending time establishing CC in the community.

The only reason Creative Collaborative continues to grow is because of the growing community of artists that attend each month. Each person brings a new perspective to share, a new challenge to collaborate on and new opportunities, so in working together, the network and careers of others are strengthened, thus building our community.

We'd love to meet you, please come join us every second Tuesday of the month at the Provo Rec Center. Creative Collaborative is FREE and open to anyone! Follow along at @creative_collaborative_utah to read recaps and learn more about Creative Collaborative meetings.

CLICK HERE to watch past meetings filmed by Provo Channel 17!

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